Saturday, January 31, 2015

2015 a new thing has started

Its already 2015. Last time updated was last year, how time running very fast, yet what do I do with this life?

I have been started a new thing now from being unemployed since I've graduated on July 2014. Its a masters study, which I actually able to just decline that kinda stuff, well studying is quite boring, plus I am doing by research studies. But somehow, everything should be starting with niat, that could be concluded all over the subject of what we are doing.

I am re-adjust my niat, so that it could be safe and comfortable for me to run what currently happen. Maybe all this happening at a glance, seolah-olah terpaksa and just follow the flow (but somehow still asking others' opinions), Allah determined me to be here (utm skudai) taking the 'what-the-heck' title of research, haha. Well, please just throw that kinda stupid and ungrateful 'tabiat' away. Maybe He wants to teach me something that really significant in life. Now, alhamdulillah I am started to forsee what He showed indirectly. Very nice arrangement He does fixed, so on His almighty and powers.

 We do not know what is the best for us and what will be going up in the future. So just have faith in Him. We know that we must put a very good effort. Allah tak pandang kita capai or tak, yang penting usaha, itu akan dikira. Kalau tercapai, that what Allah wants that to happen for you.

Seriously, there have been many things I've learnt all this while. Nak list down satu-satu surely impossible, somehow it could turn into a random thing of reflection when the time comes someday. InshaAllah. Everything happened, must be a reason behind, He made it so, or what we call 'sunnatullah'. We can't resist it, definitely. To sum up, reflect everything which surrounds you with Him, so that you become peaceful, I bet it strongly. Because we tend to beware of what we should be doing and react and Allah should be interrupted. Don't assume any negativity towards what has happened to you.

That's the basic reminder, I know. But it somewhat a thorough repeatedly reminder. Dah kita sibuk dengan hal kerja and dunia, mustahil kena ingatkan sekali jer.

Actually at the moment there a thing keeps on haunted me. Its about a very firm decision I've to decide. Eventhough never plan it, but it comes out of blue. That's it, Allah arrange it. A thing has wrapped of all story, 'mungkin Allah nak uji tahap tawakal wani kat Dia and its time for you to be more sensitive in improving self.' that was what my very-good-friend of mine said. Yeah, why were not I thought about kinda lesson earlier. Asyik mengeluh je, lolzzzz sangat aku ni weh.Such a breathtaking idea than continously mumbling. Lolsss!

Okay for now, I get the point. Keep on tawakal. I hope you also can get the key of what I am saying.

'Sesiapa yang nak kan kebaikan, harus mencarinya. InshaAllah dari situ Allah akan bagi kefahaman. dan kefahaman itu sendiri adalah kebaikan.' Nah quoted.


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