Monday, August 22, 2016

its 3 am

I scrolled up our old conversations
Yes, we were very friendly
We used to tell our stories from the heart
Just found out the kindness inside us

We found comforts
Until you asked me to play in battle
We were apart without reasons sometime
And meet again without awkward thingy
Yes, just glad to meet again

Now, no more gladness
We met again, and everything turned down
Things limited on you
We are not happy to speak
We don’t talk anymore

Once being friends
Now sounds like strangers
You forget how we started 6 years ago
Like no more hopes & heart
Tryna forget the past what’s vividly played in mind
Please forget, but don’t forget me

Old conversations never lie
They are my strength
To sustain my feeling
To reaffirm what has broken
Because I trust you from the old’ days 

Sorry, I am a troublesome for you
Annoyed you without knowing how you are
No idea to write down more

*stuck in the middle of night writing method for tomorrow huwaa



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