Thursday, June 12, 2014

Love Say It

Love strucks deeply inside the heart

Till it sticks closely the shirt, the mark is remarkable and the smell

Everything could be spoken out eloquently

Talking all night long about a song, saying together

Talking about politics, all the corruptions and dirty tricks

Giving the current affairs and views

Story about the last night dream, the terrible or magnificent

Saying with laugh, about joyness in daily doing

Justify aftermath the long summary just been the loyal movie goers

When it comes to you dear,

There are no words.

                                                 Unintended picture

I know its really hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.

But you once said lets the time heals.


Mencintai tidak semestinya memiliki.
Allah sedang menguji untuk menangis.
Mengurai tangisan merawat duka.
Memberi ruang baling belakang mengingati dosa-dosa


Jika harapan yang engkau pasang itu menenangkanmu
Serahkan kepadaNya, Dia tahu yang terbaik
Jika harapan itu memerlukanmu menangis sedih
Dia tahu ada harapan lain yang terbaik

Walau lama engkau pendamkan, ia bukan sandaran
Tapi bermulanya untuk mencipta semangat garap kekuatan
Let the heart claim it’s rightful place as the throne of love
Because He holds it.

*Introspection of myself after all



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