Thursday, June 19, 2014


For some reasons, I am happy now. But yet, it painful though, when thinking about what's currently happen in uni. However, like common says, the good thing is sometimes comes for no reasons. But what I have never expected to happen in real life is just happened. Alhamdulillah, I can say. Plus, it was decided by my abah, that only can happen in my dream kot.

It was all of sudden. Just one phone call from abah, and he convinced me by another second call. I have no idea, I feel that Allah has replied my do'a or somewhat He knows I was hoped that to happen. And He knows how much I suffered living there and it’s like Allah opened my abah’s heart to make that kinda hard decision. Sorta in a glimse, He gives me a joy. In this current tense situation and my strength is at lowest, He really give me such joy. He is really kind to me, even to you my friends.

He knows everything. Don’t feel like He is being afar from you, yet do not hear your calling. But somehow He knows what situasion is likely suitable for us to be calm. So that we can learn to cope the hardship, we can know Him better, and then put more trust on Him without any doubt. So that at the end, we can recognize the rainbow, if we keep on steadfast. 

I am not really confident that Allah is truly truly truly replied my doa, but I know He knows best. That’s it. Sometimes when we think that Allah leaves us behind without His blessing and simply make our life in harsh and difficulties, to even ponder about that. Sigh. My abah said, we are not a muslim if we reluctant to accept His fate. If not mistaken the details are stated in Zindani. He futher said, every challenge He send for us in life is must indeed to be strongly faced and MOVE ON. He may take back what is we have been loved or became an asset in our life. He may drop our necessities down that we can subsequently feel the world’s orbit is turning up.

I say, Allah knows best. He never leaving us behind even for a tiny sec. My naqibah have ever sketched an analogy, this world is not only the world, He had created many planets in queue, the sun obviously, the star and the moon, other complicated thingy that some are not in our knowledges. Allah has such great ability to monitor those big big big creations from afar, so that it is simpler for Him to do so for us, human. Do we have any proof of uncertainty regarding that issue? I assume not.

                                          Puncak Borneo, Samarahan, Sarawak. Huge mountain, isn't it?

Open up the Quran, do comprehend what is actually He wants us to understand. He prepares the Book for us so that we will not deviate to wrong path. He made it for us to know Him better and being considerate of His test. I have once wondered that Allah is testing us as if He is contemplating to pass us the ticket of sorga. What else can I do for my life is, MOVE ON. 

Keep trying to have a good sumption upon Allah. As in Surah al-Isra verse 1, He said to Rasulullah regarding the great hardship that time, He is The All Mighty, The Most Powerful, The All Knowing. Why Allah ever stating it at the first place? Because He wants Rasulullah to clear off all bad sumptions towards Allah first. Allah wants to convince Rasulullah that Allah is never left him behind such inconvenient. Then, He comforts Rasulullah by Isra’ and Mikraj event. 

Keep on having do'a towards Him. He is not reply in a glimpse, instead, He'll gives the answer later or could be something good to happen. Do 'baik sangka' towards Allah. Wonder that who we are to not doing it? Ain't such a nice interaction if we can do so? I think I've been 2 years retaining the same do'a. and He gives me this little impressive joy, but yet the grieveness still haunts me, Alhamdulillah. The less sometimes cheers up.

Glad that if me myself can understand thoroughly this kind of sweet thingy.



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