Wednesday, June 18, 2014


The happiness can be blended with sorrow, then what will happen?

Pemalu orangnya. Eh

Sometimes we look around others, some being too modest, some are soooo arrogant. Me? Surely, I wanna be the modest one, who is not probably known in earth. But somehow people may know at least my kindness. I would say people may also know my weaknesses and infamies. But I wish they do not affected by those. How I wish. 

I ponder around, everybody is wishing that their weaknesses are not known by anyone and everywhere they go. People will strive to dispose their dark sides, can be by words, attitudes or even to the extent of hurting others. How they able to strongly keep on disposing it? I believe that everyone has been through this so many times. Me too.

Hmm. I ponder again, when our action is likely revealed our weaknesses, we are blaming others to question about it. We are too egoist to admit our weaknesses. We retaliate them with our harsh words, cruel actions, no pity and considerations at all. At some point, we pry them with their tiny mistakes and forgetting their goodness’s in a blink, and we pretend do not bother anymore their kind-hearted deeds towards us. We keep on repeating, ‘ME. ME. ME is perfect.’

With our perfection, is that enough to looking down on people?
With our cleverness, is that enough to show off?
With our full marks, is that enough to hurt others?
With our beauty, is that enough to insult the moderate?
With our money, is that enough to being arrogant with commoner?
With our high pointer, is that enough to speak out loud?
Thinking we are the only right one over the passive?

Please lower your expectation. Don’t overrate. I remember the story of Fathu Makkah, our Prophet s.a.w was bowed when entering Makkah’s entrance and impressively Abu Bakar r.a was the one who sitting on camel, while Rasulullah walked throughout the journey, both sitting alternately. How humble he is, even some says, that time Rasulullah bowing until his head touches the camel’s body, praising Allah, The All Mighty. He managed to fight the shaytan’s strategy to throw into ‘riak’ and ‘takbur’ by repeatedly praising Allah and do istighfar.

Sometimes we feel not comfort being with those ‘lower’ people. Thinking we are greater than her. We avoid talking with her, we even pretend not hearing their suggestions and opinions. We growl (baca: jerkah) her with our konon-konon betul punya statement tu. I have ever heard that arrogant people is showered by too much loves. Then they feel it enough to belittle others. I say you, be nice to people around us. Every good deed will be paid off, believe me.

Just my two cents, actually have more points to relate, but somewhat, quite tired today. This is introspection for me instead, because it happening. Hope we can be a better muslim day by day that try to scrape (baca:kikis) ‘riak’ and ‘takbur’ away from our life.



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