Sunday, June 15, 2014

4 am

Macam tak best macam tak ngam macam sakit hati macam sunyi macam sedih macam letih macam geram macam sayang macam cinta macam you orang itu.

Its 4 am. And I am still dazed in front of lappy and menggodam segala benda. 

Lepaking at KFC Arau with roomate as of now.

I am talking nonsense. To you. For sure I know.

You can hold your grundge, even my kindness.

You can even keep it as memory if u want.

I keep only your kindness, your light side.

I hold tightly only the magnificent of you, in my heart.

Tryna to forget your hell tiny mistake, only memorize clearly your tremendous goodness.

I wish I can invite you to my future wedding ceremony, you'll smile getting it. Huh?

Random at this midnight. Bye.




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